Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2 )

Virabhadrasana II, Warrior II Pose Benifits: Virabhadrasana is derived from virabhadra, meaning fierce warrior, hence the name Warrior II. Mastering this pose requires concentration and core strength. With an unbalanced muladhara, your fight or flight instinct is activated. Virabhadrasana gives you the strength to face your fears.


How to: Starting from Warrior I, open the arms out, bringing the right arm in front of you and the left arm behind.

2. Open the left hip back.

3. Keep the right knee bent and the right thigh parallel to the floor.

4. Draw the belly in slightly.

5. Find the shoulders directly over the hips.

6. Reach out through both finger tips.

7. The gaze is forward over the right hand.

8. Engage the triceps to support the arms, and the quadriceps to support the legs.

Repeat on the left side.